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Product Applications

Home Landscaping

Although Mulch That Matters comes in three stock colors, the mulch can optionally come in any color you specify -- we’re happy to create that for you.  And the mulch color is designed not to fade for eight years. Mulch That Matters weighs a bit more than bark mulch which means homeowners can clean or blow out their flower beds without blowing the mulch out with the leaves!


City managers and staff want to reduce their liability for accidents as much as possible.  Using Mulch That Matters instead of rocks or gravel results in a surface that’s softer and more resilient for recreation of all kinds.  Plus, it can be much more cost efficient than rock or gravel surfaces.


Playground accidents will always occur, but school administrators try to find ways to minimize risk to active children. Mulch That Matters finds a perfect home in schoolyards and on playgrounds where it seems children just seem to find ways to fall down. Our recycled rubber mulch is much more forgiving than concrete, rocks, or gravel and it lasts for years.

Property Managers

Professionally-done landscaping is a significant expense item for property managers, yet it is important to maintain a setting that’s as beautiful as possible for apartments and condominium projects. Mulch That Matters can not only improve a property’s “street appeal,” it’s guarantee to retain its color for at least eight years means fewer refreshes are necessary, saving the manager money. And since Mulch That Matters weighs more than bark mulch, it is less likely to be disturbed by ongoing yard work and plant maintenance over the course of time.


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