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Q: Since Mulch That Matters is made from recycled tires, does it come only in black or gray?

A: Mulch That Matters comes in a variety of colors ranging from the natural black color of the tires to dark brown, red ceder, and true black. Mulch That Matters can also be painted in specialty colors upon order request.

Q: Where do the tires come from that you recycle?

A: The recycled tires come from Arkansas.

Q: In my flower beds, how often will I need to replace Mulch That Matters?

A: Mulch That Matters will not need to be replaced for at least eight years. The color and depth of the product will stay the same during this time.

Q: When I blow leaves out of my garden, will your mulch scatter with the leaves?

A: Mulch That Matters is such a dense product that it is less likely to be affected when using a leaf blower to clean your flower beds.

Q: Would it make sense to use Mulch That Matters around my child's swing set?

A: Yes, it would make sense to use Mulch That Matters around your children's swing sets. Mulch That Matters is a multi-purpose fill, that is not only great for flowerbeds but also certified to meet the ADA guidelines that allows the product to be in children's playgrounds. *With a fall zone up to 14 feet*

Q: As a  City Parks Manager, why would I choose to use Mulch That Matters?

A: There are many reasons as to why you should choose Mulch That Matters, one of them being on the cost saving side of things regarding upkeep. Mulch That Matters holds its color and density for at least eight years at a time. You can love the product and leave it there. Mulch That Matters also meets the requirements for all ADA guidelines and is safe for a fall zone up to 14 feet.

Q: Is Mulch That Matters more expensive than traditional wood or bark mulch?

A: While the upfront cost of Mulch That Matters can be more expensive than your traditional wood or bark mulch, considering the longevity of the product, it is actually the more economical choice.

Q: Where can I purchase Mulch That Matters?

A: Mulch That Matters is available from selected distributors. You can find them on the Distributors page of this website.

Q: Is Mulch That Matters harmful to pets?

A: Since Mulch That Matters has no odor that would be attractive to pets, it is highly unlikely that any pet would try to ingest the product. Technically, it would be bad for any pet to consume pieces of rubber but, again, it’s not likely to happen.

Q: How will we know how much product to buy?

A: Every case is different. Call us at 501-753-2580, let us know how much area you need to cover, and we'll be able to provide an answer.

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